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Spread consciousness of sustainability together

We are actively striving towards more sustainable fashion. For this year’s
Conscious Exclusive collection, we collaborated with Ever Manifesto, a sustainable fashion and design think tank that shares our commitment to a more conscious future. Together, we've created dramatic, intricately detailed pieces that prove what can be done with more sustainable materials.

To spread the message, we're launching the Ever Conscious campaign, allowing people across the globe to contribute to the “butterfly effect” of consciousness. Just tag a photo of yourself on Instagram with #everconscioushm. It will transform into a butterfly that you can customize and share, inspiring more people toward conscious thinking.

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Ever Manifesto

For this year’s Conscious Exclusive collection, H&M is working in collaboration with Ever Manifesto, which shares H&M’s commitment to a more sustainable future for fashion.

EVER Manifesto, was founded in 2009 by Alexia Niedzielski, Charlotte Casiraghi and Elizabeth von Guttman. It is a publication and sustainability think tank, which acts as a catalyst for the fashion and design industries by highlighting the ways in which innovations in materials, manufacturing and communications can render the ethical desirable.

“It’s great to engage with a brand like H&M that’s already aiming to lead the industry in making sustainable fashion mainstream, especially with such an elaborate and innovative collection. To be able to support their Conscious teams and to implement and inspire positive change is a really exciting experience,” say Elizabeth von Guttmann and Alexia Niedzielski, Ever Manifesto.

With the aim of raising awareness of the impact our choices as consumers have on the Earth’s environment and inhabitants, Ever Conscious, the latest issue of Ever Manifesto, profiles the opinions and actions of over twenty environmental activists and cultural tastemakers from the worlds of design, science, food and fashion.

Read the latest issue EVER Conscious on or find us on instagram @evermanifesto.

About H&M Conscious

Making more sustainable fashion choices available, affordable and attractive to as many people as possible. That is our starting point and the reason why we created H&M Conscious. With seven commitments at its heart, Conscious is the name for everything we do for a more sustainable fashion future. Hundreds of Conscious Actions – big and small, short- and long-term – are dedicated to putting these commitments into practice. Our Conscious Collection is one of many more. Check out some highlights from 2013 under each commitment below.

Our seven commitments

  • 15.8% of our cotton now comes from more sustainable sources. Our goal is 100% by 2020 at the latest.

    Clevercare symbol was launched, providing guidance for conscious garment care.

    First closed-loop products launched, made with 20% recycled material from collected garments.

  • Fair living wage roadmap was launched, enabling suppliers to pay higher wages to their workers.

    894,975 workers in Bangladesh and India have been educated about their rights since 2008.

    First brand to sign the Accord for Building and Fire Safety in Bangladesh.

  • 50% of our board members are women.

    Adopted the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

    Teamed up with Civil Rights Defenders to support human rights and global equality.

  • 14% reduction in electrical use per H&M store sqm since 2007.

    18% of the electricity we used came from renewables. Our goal is 100%.

    Our own solar photovoltaic panels generated enough energy to supply 145 European households for an entire year.

  • 3,047 tonnes of un-wanted garments were collected for re-use. In terms of textile fabric, that's equivalent to about 15 million t-shirts.

    The amount of recycled polyester we used is equivalent to 9.5 million PET bottles.

    All H&M standard carrier bags are made of 100% recycled plastic – the material proven to be produced with the lowest environmental impact.

  • 340 million fewer litres of water were used in denim production.

    30,000 tests were conducted to ensure that our products are safe to wear and won't cause harm to the environment.

    As part of our collaboration with WWF, 2,300 hours were spent training H&M staff on water impact.

  • 193,000 people helped with safe drinking water through the sales of H&M Gift Cards.

    3,555,687 garments were donated to charitable causes.

    More than 12,000 additional jobs were created.